Diva Bling Party

No such thing as too much bling!There is no such thing as too much bling! Or pampering. Have a girl’s night in and treat yourselves to delicious cookies in lipstick, lip and nail polish shapes. Top it off with chocolate dipped strawberries and beverages of your choice. After all, it IS all about catering to the Diva in you!
No such thing as too much bling!

Splash Down Time

Need a cool kid’s birthday party idea for the hot weather months? Try a Splash Down event where getting soaked is the name of the game.

Provide inexpensive waterguns and setup a couple of small, cheap inflatable swimming pools to use as refueling stations.

Let the kids put on their swimsuits, fill up their waterguns and let the fun begin!

As an extra treat, make and laminate your own party passes, put on lanyards and handout as the party invites.